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Crime Scene Live @ The Natural History Museum

A priceless stone has been stolen from the Natural History Museum and a killer is on the loose. It's up to you to gather the evidence, analyse the facts and carry out experiments to bring the criminal to justice.

You and your team of sleuths will explore the Museum and use the science behind crime scene investigation and detective work to establish when, where and how the crimes occurred.

Eliminate the suspects as you piece together how the crimes unfolded. Our forensic experts will be on hand to assist you with your investigation. You'll have the chance to learn about the tiny animals used to determine time of death, analyse fingerprints with real-life police officers or decode blood spatter patterns. Your evidence will be vital in solving the case.

You must come dressed appropriately for the job - as a detective. Due to the nature of some of your detective duties we strongly recommend that you wear trousers and flat shoes.

You will be following one of three trails throughout the evening, each of which examines different aspects of the crime. At the end of the night the pieces of the puzzle will come together to reveal the full picture.