Matt Feerick is an interdisciplinary artist who’s work crosses, physical theatre, clown, improvisation, adaptations of text, immersive theatre, street arts and touring mid-scale theatre. A producer, director, actor and creator of strange, eccentric worlds. He is currently artistic director of International touring theatre company Wet Picnic ( and works as a freelance director and actor for a number of other companies. He is a guest lecturer at a number of universities in the UK and works as a mentor to a number of emerging theatre makers.

Matts works has toured across the world, with an estimated reach of over 1 million people. A graduate of Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Matt is a French speaker and has worked as the guest artistic director of both the National Arts Centre and National Centre for Street Arts in France.

We have worked with a number of leading organisations including:

Arts Council England | The British Council | The Wellcome Trust | Heritage Lottery | The National Theatre | London 2012 Cultural Olympiad | The European Union | The World Expo | The Natural History Museum | ZEPA | Without Walls | Mayor of London | Royal Albert Hall | The Royal Opera House | The Louvre | The World ATP Tennis Masters | The RAF Museum | Spymonkey | Told by an Idiot | Birmingham Hippodrome | Stockton international Riverside Festival | Winchester Hat Fair | Greenwich and Docklands Festival | Glastonbury Festival | Latitude | Greenman | Brighton Festival | Just for Laughs, Canada | Manchester International Arts | Terrega Festival | Le Fourneau | Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Below is a collection of key works created by Wet Picnic over the past 10 years.

We all have a past and ours is littered with projects and shows that have taken place across the globe. We are fortunate to have worked with a number of exciting partners and to have created theatre for hundreds of thousands of people. So here is a little snapshot of our past, both recent and ancient.


(2012 - 2015)

Malcolm is alone for his birthday and at 40 years old he has decided to do something about it. He takes to the streets looking for people to join him. Arriving in a space he has predetermined, he mistakes the people in the street for birthday guests and everyone becomes part of the party. The celebrations begin, hats are worn and presents are given, but the memories and nightmares that he is trying to avoid have not left him behind. Little by little Malcolm's life begins to resurface. With visits from his family, a childhood teddy bear coming to life and his wife leaving him, Malcolm’s birthday is not what he had hoped it would be.

A darkly comic show, which confronts our fear of loneliness, by taking a look at solitude and our need to be loved.The Birthday Party mixes Wet Picnic's trademark humour with a darker story. 

Devised by the company
Original Performers- Matt Feerick, Graeme Cockburn, Kelly Reayner, Charlotte Dubery, Jessica Hinds
Director- Paola Rizza
Designers- Adam Riley, Steve Denton

Partners in Creation

The Birthday Party was commissioned by Winchester Hat Fair, Le Fourneau, Culture Commune, Cirque Jules Verne Amiens, Norfolk and Norwich, Atelier 231 and ZEPA
With funding from Arts Council England, Hampshire County Council
Supported by the University of Winchester



Working with the RAF Museum, London, Domino Theory is an immersive theatre event and live game. Joining one of 3 Nations, The UK, The US or Russia you fight for your side to be the best of all the superpowers. The evening mixes immersive theatre, live games and the awesome DJ Yoda, all set amongst the RAF Museums collection. 

We look forward to meeting you. And remember stay vigilant, watch for unusual activity and most of all, remember: The Cold War - it’s M.A.D….

Concept, Writing and Direction- Matt Feerick, Judy Barrington- Smuts

Partners in Creation

Domino Theory was commissioned by The Royal Air Force Museum London


(2011 - 2015)

Modern daily life is full of hectic stresses and strains. Everybody needs to take some time out, have a rest, share a moment and celebrate the simple things in life. Wet Picnic’s Tea Ladies sweep through the streets to supply an explosive and surreal teatime for everyone to enjoy! Your taste buds will be tingling at the sight of this eccentric ensemble who are as fabulous and fruity as the cake they eat. With tantalising tricks, trolley dancing, Austrian Milkmaids and a big fat cow, teatime is now the gateway to adventure, joy and release! So remember... No matter how tough things get, let’s be British, drink Tea and push through it together.

Questioning the norm of British theatre, and playing with their audiences at every turn, Time For Tea was made in as a commission from The British Council for the World Exposition in Shanghai, China.

Devised by the company
Original Perfomers- Judy Barrington- Smuts, Graeme Cockburn, Kelly Reayner, Charlotte Dubery, Mary Eddowes
Directors- Matt Feerick, Petra Massey
Designers- Adam Riley, Steve Denton

Partners in Creation

Time for Tea was commissioned by The British Council, Winchester Hat Fair, Salisbury Festival and Henley Festival 
With funding from Art Council England, Hampshire County Council
Supported by the University of Winchester


(2012 - 2014)

Death and Gardening explores our human fear of death, loss and loneliness through the tale of David Fanshaw, who after an accident encounters four strange figures in yellow raincoats, eager to dispatch him to his final resting place. Yet David is not ready to die, and must first confront his fears by looking back on life's memories and considering those he will leave behind. In equal parts poignant and darkly humorous, this show uses gardening as a metaphor for the cycle of life, and pulls apart themes such as loss and the stages of grief using puppetry, clown, visual illusions, stunning sound and lighting designs, choreographed sequences and pumping 80s remixes.

Death and Gardening was inspired by the Edvard Munch quote, 'From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity'. In common with all Wet Picnic’s work, the piece was devised through play, exploration and improvisation. The production toured to The Point, Eastleigh; South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell; Corn Exchange Newbury; Theatre Royal Winchester and Jacksons Lane, London in July/August 2012. After great feedback from audiences and venues alike, the show toured the UK in 2013.

Devised by the company
Original Performers- Judy Barrington- Smuts, Graeme Cockburn, Viktor Lukowski, Jessica Hinds, Charlotte Dubery
Director- Matt Feerick
Designer- Sarah Prentice
Lighting- Mike Robertson
Writer- Bernadette Russell

Partners in Creation

Death and Gardening was commissioned by Jacksons Lane, Theatre Royal Winchester, South Hill Park, The Point and The Corn Exchange
With funding from Arts Council England, Hampshire County Council
Supported by the University of Winchester

Depth Charge

(2012 - 2013)

Wet Picnic, in partnership with Gunwharf Quays, The University of Portsmouth and New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, ran community workshops leading to a spectacular piece of participatory promenade theatre through to Summer 2012.

Depth Charge was an interactive, site-specific show that took over the Gunwharf Quays shopping centre and plunged its audiences in to different parts of its history. With three layers of spectator interaction audiences experienced Gunwharf Quays as never before. Connecting the local community with visitors, commerce with art, exposing history through site, and enabling people to genuinely discover/explore the space around them.

Concept and Direction- Matt Feerick and Judy Barrington- Smuts
Original Performers- Ian Webster, Will Edelsten, Bruce McNeal, Bernadette Russell, Viktor Lukowski, Matt Feerick and local volunteer performers
Choreographer- Alexandra Green

Partners in Creation

Depth Charge was funded and commissioned by Arts Council England and Gunwarf Quays




Commissioned by Le Fourneau and the ZEPA Project for their 'Picnic of the Bridge' event, with an audience of 4000 people. Wet Picnic brought together the local community and audiences with a giant picnic, that took over an abandoned suspension bridge. The project saw our Artistic Director, programming several companies in the woods around the base of the bridge and Wet Picnic created a piece of theatre that pulled the event together. The project culminated in an audience member being crowned and sailing off in the distance along the river underneath the celebrations.

Concept and Direction- Matt Feerick
Original Performers- Matt Feerick, Coleen MacPherson, Sacha Paige, Viktor Lukawski, Ronan LeFur, Simon Maeder, Daniel Wilcox,

Partners in Creation

Franlatere was commissioned by Le Fourneau and ZEPA

Shadows OF Fae


Shadows of Fae, was a commission from Winchester Hat Fair, set in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. The piece explored fairy tales, working with writer Hannah Ashwell to created a duel narrative, the piece used dance and operah to bring a secret garden to life. The audience we met by two opera singers and a story teller who took them through the passageways of Winchester Cathedral and split them in to two groups. One story was told from different sides, connected by a dance and puppetry piece in the centre of the space. 

Partners in Creation

Shadows of Fae was commissioned by Winchester Hat Fair


(2008 - 2011)

Parsons, Parsons and Parsons- A colourful trio of tailors from Saville Row, here to offer free fittings, outfit designs, and spontaneous catwalk shows; an eye catching and humorous part of any event!

Pressies- 3 giant presents, beautifully wrapped in elaborate paper with giant bows wander the sreets, but bweare, these present are a little competitive and will do anything to get noticed! 

The Not so Secret Service- The world is no longer a safe place! But our heavies think they can help... you'll never feel safer. They rope of toilets and check for ID, chaperone you to your destination, frisk dodgy looking people and can create a distraction if you want to 'do a crime'!