A Summer Touring...

So where do we begin? I guess a good place to start would be where we left off last time! It's hard to think whilst writing this in the pouring rain in Winchester about the places we've been in the sunny summer so far this year but let's give it a go. 

So first and foremost we must update you all on the success of the gigs in Adur! We took The Dinner Table and Time for Tea to three separate locations around Adur and this was all at the same time as the Lift being at FUSE festival! So we packed up our van and sent it off with Team Lift and packed up our hire van (from the lovely people at Practical Van Hire Hedge End) with General Manager Becky at the helm for Team Adur. It was a lovely day and all went very swimmingly. We had a great time performing to both festivals and audiences. Unfortunately this string of luck was about to end when Team Lift ended up with a broken down van on the way to Bradford which resulted in having to be towed back to London and miss out on our gig at Bradford. But good news for our fans there- is that we are in talks to come back next year- so fingers crossed!!

After that busy weekend, there was no rest for us! We were back in the rehearsal room- this time at the wonderful creation space, 101 New Greenham Arts, to rework and rehearse Bronya into the Birthday Party during the week. All the cast were super excited to be heading to the beautiful Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury that weekend to play. And of course, just having one show out that weekend would've been far too simple- so The Lift also went to Ashbourne Festival which was a lovely little festival and was greatly enjoyed by both cast and audiences. Thankfully all vans were working, present and correct and allowed us to have an easy and enjoyable weekend.

It was a relief for all show teams that there was a bit of a break before the week that followed. The hotly anticipated Suitcases was in it's final production week before the premiere at Hat Fair. Back at 101, lived the majority of the Wet Picnic team for the week, working away on costumes, set, props and of course the show. We are so grateful to all at 101 for making our stay stress free and for being such massive helps when we needed something- we couldn't have done it without you! It meant that we had a lovely reception at Hat Fair for our first outing from audience, supporters and festivals and recieved some wonderful feedback which we will take back into the rehearsal room when we start again in September. So a huge thank you goes to any one that came to see the shows at Hat Fair and to anyone that gave us feedback- our twitter feed was buzzing every two minutes- It was abolutely lovely !

And through all of that madness, The Lift went to SO Festival and had a wonderful time at the Skegness Butlins where their accommodation was- I've never seen such happy performers after a gig- so a big thank you goes to SO Festival for making their time so stressfree which in turn meant Team Suitcases were too!

Now since that crazily busy period of June and the beginning of July we have been relatively quiet- The Lift has toured well this year and been to Mouth of The Tyne and Spare Parts in Blackpool. Both of which again were great and lovely audiences ! The Lift is also in Wales at Blysh Festival tomorrow- catch it if you can (and if the weather improves!!)

So- there we have it - the last month and a bit for you! Thank you to all those audiences, performers, staff, festivals...et al we have had the best couple of months and it is down to you all! So Good Luck to friends off to Edinburgh next month and See you all soon!