In our modern world where the internet and technology are evolving faster than we are, it is hard to keep pace. We all exist somewhere online, whether we know it or not: a virtual trace, an online persona, a trail of clicks and searches that leads directly to you.

We all have baggage, and now it’s available for everyone to see. ‘Suitcases’ explores the disconnection created by our addiction to technology, where one person’s shame is somebody else’s drug. What happens when the internet comes to pay you a visit to remind you of all those parts that you don't want anyone to see? 

In our trademark style, utilising movement led theatre, bouffant and dark comedy, we shine a light on our modern world and question what keeps us human in an age increasingly lived in the virtual world.

It almost doesn’t matter what they are doing- because they do it so well!
— Total Theatre

Devised by the company 
Original Performers: Graeme Cockburn, Matt Feerick, Frode Gjerlow, Ana Mirtha Sariego, Bronya Deutsch
Director: Matt Feerick & Andrew Dawson
Designer: Katharine Heath

Commissioned and Supported by...