We all exist somewhere online, whether we know it or not: a virtual trace, an online persona, a trail of clicks and searches laying claim to who we are.

I’d Be Lost Without It explores our 21st century addiction to technology, where our hunger for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ is distancing us from ourselves and one another. In an age when at least 27 hours each week are spent online, I’d Be Lost Without It examines how technology is affecting our minds, our lives, our happiness and our brains.

Delivered on headphones, using binaural sound and immersive theatre, Wet Picnic create an interactive experience which explores the utopia and dystopia of our tech-driven existence. 

Working in collaboration with a Dr. Daria Kuss to extract real life experiences - leading physical theatre company, Wet Picnic, shine a light on our modern world and question what keeps us human in an age increasingly lived online.


Devised by the company
Original Performers: Graeme Cockburn, Ana Mirtha Sariego, Jack Gouldbourne, Emma Brand, Alex Bird, Grace Lambert
Director: Matt Feerick
Sound Design: Ross Flight 
Associate Director: Judy Barrington Smuts

Design: Matt Lloyd & Alice Lessing

this is immersive theatre as it should be, passionate and inspiring.
— LondonTheatre.com
Wet Picnic’s sizzling performance raises tough questions about digital mass hysteria. Press return and see it again.
— Source

Funded by Arts Council England and Wellcome Trust. Developed with the support of Theatre Royal Winchester and Lighthouse, Poole.