Ursula Harrington Carrington Barrington Farrington Larrington takes you on a 20 minute crash course in how to behave at the table. A surreal and playful show where all the guests learn a little something. With audience participation, lots of foody mess and a little dancing thrown in for fun! 

Ursula’s famous approach to teaching etiquette has toured Europe and in to Russia and even been featured in Russian Vogue. Ursula brings everybody together for a few (slightly skewed) lessons in decent dining and eating etiquette. The Dinner Table is a fusion of comedy, music, dance, clowning and absurd observations of social conventions. 

Witty, surreal, sometimes a little risqué and always very very funny!
— Total Theatre

Devised by the company 
Original Performers: Judy Barrington-Smuts, Graeme Cockburn, Matt Feerick, Kelly Reayner
Director: Petra Massey
Designer: Adam Riley

Commissioned and Supported by...