We are WET PIcnic


Wet Picnic is a devised theatre ensemble that creates high-impact visual and physical theatre for everyone. Not bound by space or location, the company takes its shows wherever there are people to watch: indoors and outdoors; in conventional and unconventional spaces; in the UK and internationally; to audiences old and new.

Using clown, slapstick, choreography and with a particular interest in the eccentric and absurd, the company interrogates big human themes such as loneliness, loss and belonging, and produces work which reflects life in all its forms.

Wet Picnic’s trademark playfulness, humour and focus on movement translates easily across borders and over the last two years has reached over 400,000 people globally. The company has a strong record of funding and collaboration with a number of local, national and international organisations.


Wet Picnic is one of the UK's leading street theatre companies. We have created:

- 5 outdoor shows, 'Suitcases', 'The Lift', 'The Birthday Party', 'Time for Tea', 'The Dinner Table' partnered by national and international festivals and commissioning networks such as Without Walls and ZEPA

- 3 site specific shows, 'Depth Charge', 'Franglatere' and 'Shadows of Fae'

- 3 indoor shows, 'Suitcases', 'Death and Gardening' and 'Rodney Dillyweed'